1xbet eSports are becoming more popular than Football

Published:31 August 2020

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We live in a world in which people make millions of dollars from video games. Many of you who recall the days when video games began to become truly popular probably remember that people used to say they were only a waste of time.

The condition today is, it goes without saying, a lot different. There are not only millions of gamers from every continent, but there are also specialized schools and even universities where people research certain games which are considered to be eSports.

After witnessing this industry's development in the last couple of years, we firmly believe it's just a matter of time until eSports becomes even more prevalent. Below are a couple of arguments to back our argument.

Some of the biggest corporations start funding nearly every top tournament.

Whatever eSport you're interested in, each has tournaments with prize pools that can reach up to a few million dollars. Some of them, like Dota 2, can even outperform 30,000,000, which is just nuts.

What's even more remarkable is that even without some of the world's largest companies, these prize pools are open. However, most of them are beginning to see the value of investing in eSports, which is why we have a lot of major car companies and many others who are starting to get more interested in gaming.

If this pattern persists, eSports is only a matter of time before becoming more popular than football.

More people start watching and playing.

One reason we think eSports will eventually outstrip football is because of the fans. There's no question that the number of football fans is even higher associated with eSports right now. Nonetheless, nowadays, almost every kid plays some video game. Of course, as those kids get older, they're going to continue to be interested in what they did when they were young.

Another thing eSports fans love doing is putting bets. Yes, football betting is still number one, but betting on eSports has never been easier thanks to websites like 1xbet.

eSports is accessible at your home.

It is the last factor, but we believe it will play a key role in eSports' potential success. Playing from your PC or laptop helps you to enjoy those games wherever you are, which is not the case for football unless you have a huge yard where you can play.

Perhaps it would take some time for most people to learn how to play such games properly. Sadly, most of them are pretty hard, and unless you have a lot of gaming experience, you may have to play for some time before you get used to it all.